How we were saved by the backup plan

Just today, we were really saved by the backup plan that we carefully prepared before Lien went to Hanoi for running the event of family day for big group.

Our client

Our client is Attech which is a corporation of which head office located in the north of Vietnam. We started to know and worked with client since 4 years ago. Every year, Opearl Events always had a chance to deliver a the family day event but only for the branch office in the south of Vietnam with the normal group size of 100 participants. Last year, we were luckily welcome the current CEO who came and joined the South office and he was very impressed with what we offered then promised that event to come in the North for head office must be done by Opearl Events. Two months ago, we started to enter the negotiation to prepare the best proposal and action plan. It was a long term discussion and our team have spent a lot of time for revising and changing the small details to meet the Attech’s demands. Finally, we could be ready to welcome the event and of course we always had some backup ideas in case of bad weather.

 Bad weather

Two days before the family day took place, my wife – Lien and the team flied to the Hanoi for setting up events and well as meeting with the client before the event. As she arrived in Hanoi, she was welcome by the cloudy weather. In fact, Hanoi is getting worse and worse because the coming storm. The rain got more and more heavy as as the days passed be we had no choice, we still carried out the preparation for the event. Lien and team moved to Asian Resort which is located 35 km away from the heart of Hanoi city to inspect the venue. This is a nice venue for family day event but of course as long as it is good weather. Now almost everywhere at the resort place, it is full of water. We really had no chance to set up outdoor activities. Lien and the team could not have enough time for sleeping just because worries. The clients are also not really happy with this conditions of weather cause many outdoor activities must be canceled.

Backup plan

At the same time, I stayed in the South of Vietnam with my son. I was not planned to go with Lien but the idea of excellent backup plan always in my mind. I have been thinking again and again for this. I think of revising the Quickfire indoor program which is developed by Catalyst Teambuilding. We have introduced this Quickfire for a few clients in Vietnam and got some very positive feedback from clients.  The backup now is a completely indoor activities programs that the participants do not need so many game tools or space to play. Each team just equipped with a smart phone with 3G then they can enjoy the teamwork challenges. The Challenges were design with three categories which are mental, active and creative. These are great ways to stimulate of brain as well as the emotion of players. The participants became crazy with the tasks when they were playing. Lien said that they almost forgotten what had been happening and raining outside. They even did not want to stop as the facilitator informed the end of performance. Lien said that Quickfire is a great solution for family day activities and indoor backup plan. We are so lucky that we have this solution in Vietnam just because we are the partner of Catalyst Global.

There is always unexpected things that may happen when we carry out the events. But if we have right backup plan, a happy ending always can be achieved because of working seriously.  We hope, we can return to Hanoi with more Family Day events and of course great backup plan always in our suitcase to handle all cases.

Hoang & Lien


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